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BusNet is an internet based 'white labeled/Non Branded' integrated reservation distribution ticketing system allowing the travelling public to make one or multiple bus and transport travel sector booking/s from a wide range of bus and other transport operators that are involved in BusNet, enabling a passenger to make travel bookings from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island using various bus, ferry and other transport services that is available through BusNet.

The concept of BusNet was developed in 2000 and its only been recently, that software has been freely available to allow a bus and transport operators to use reservation distribution technology for 'Single' and 'Multi Leg' travel routing.

The main features of BusNet are -

*  BusNet is not a 'Virtual' bus operator, so there is no branding costs, etc.

*  BusNet allows the bus and/or transport operator to have control over their seat inventory, pricing, reservations and be able to receive payments directly from the passenger instead of using 3 party payment processing like agent/wholesaler invoicing, etc.

*  BusNet is the cheapest reservation distribution ticketing system for any bus and/or transport operator to use, with ongoing costs starting from 10% commission for any 'Confirmed/Travelled' reservation/s.

*  BusNet has other reservation services, like accommodation, tours, events, etc, where bus and/or transport operator can earn commission through BusNet's Agent Network.

*  With BusNet, a bus and/or transport operator can make reservations for other bus and/or transport operators services and receive commission for each 'Confirmed/Travelled' booking made.

*  BusNet has its own agents network for websites owners, home based travel consultants, travel agencies, regional tourism office, online magazines, etc by giving these agent's 'White Labelled/Non Branded' reservation tools plus the services of the 'Global Support Network' using internet phone and chat technology allowing the passenger to talk to a 'Live' consultant via the Internet for assistance and/or make phone or chat bookings.

*  BusNet is connected to the 'Open Distribution Network'.

* BusNet saves on expensive internet and printed advertising costs, as BusNet is performance based advertising medium through its own 'Branded' reservation marketing websites and agents network.


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